Dr. Amit Sharma

Consultant - Interventional Cardiology

MBBS; MD (General Medicine); DNB (Cardiology); FCCP (USA)

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Dr. C. K. Ponde

Consultant - Cardiology

MBBS; MD (General Medicine); DM (Cardiology); DNB (Cardiology)

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Dr. Aditi Sawant

Consultant - Cardiac Anaesthesiology

MBBS; MD (Anaesthesiology); DA - CPS

Centre for Cardiac Care

The cardiac care centre (Heart Care) focuses on medical and surgical treatment of heart and other cardiovascular system diseases / health conditions. Our world class cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and nurses work closely together to provide best possible treatment and preventive care.

The centre has two sub specialties -

Cardiology: Deals with medical (non-surgical) treatment for heart and cardiovascular system related disorders. A cardiologist performs procedures like, balloon angioplasty, coronary stents, ablation procedures or devices like pacemakers or defibrillators. So your first step if you experience cardiac symptoms is to visit a cardiologist.

Cardiovascular Surgery: Deals with surgical treatment for heart and cardiovascular system related disorders. Cardiothoracic surgeon performs operations like CABG (Open Heart Surgery), Valve replacement surgery, etc.

Some newer procedures actually involve the talents of both cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgery such as TAVR or percutaneous valve replacement procedures.