Dr. Bhavna Parikh

Consultant - Medical Oncology

MBBS; MD (General Medicine); Fellowship in Medical Oncology w TMH

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Dr. Sachin Almel

Consultant - Oncology

MBBS; MD (Internal Medicine); DM (Medical Oncology)

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Dr. (Prof) Vijay Patil

Consultant - Medical Oncology

MBBS; MD (Radio-Therapy); DM (Medical Oncology)

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Medical Oncology

Medical oncology focuses on treatment of cancers by administering drugs to destroy the cancer cells For best results, medical oncology is often used in combination with radiation and / or surgical oncology.

A team of highly experienced oncologists, after carefully considering  patient's cancer stage, clinical condition, and various diagnostics test results, which include lab tests, imaging procedures and nuclear medicine procedures in certain cases, create a treatment profile. This ensures that each treatment plan is personalised, accurate, efficient and best suited to deliver the desired outcome for the patient.

Car-T Cell therapy – India’s first indigenous gene-modified cell treatment for relapsed or refractory B-cell lymphoma and B-acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. A revolutionary cancer care treatment with the introduction of NexCAR19™️.

Chemotherapy – It is cancer treatment which  involves drugs or their combination with a curative intent, or to prolong life or to reduce symptoms. Many a times chemotherapy is given in combination with radiation and / or surgical procedures to treat cancer with better outcomes.

Immunotherapy -   It is a cancer treatment in which a patient’s immue cells are activated to fight the cancer.

Targeted Therapy - It is cancer treatment which targets proteins that control the growth , division and spread of cancer cells.

Hormone Therapy -  In this type of cancer treatment, medicines  slow or stop the growth of cancers by targeting the hormones that use these hormones to grow.

Customized Multi-modality Therapies

Autologous bone marrow transplant facility -  Bone Marrow Aspiration / Biopsy.

Biopsies (Included Under Imaging Guidance).

Pleural Tapping

Ascitic Fluid Tapping etc.

Port Insertions + Flushing


Rehabilitation Services including stoma rehabilitation, speech rehabilitation and occupational therapy.