P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC offers Academic Programs designed to train future healthcare providers, advance medical knowledge and improve patient care.

The Hospital is currently offering Post Graduate Diplomas from College of Physicians & Surgeons (CPS) of Mumbai in the Specialties of Anesthesiology, Radiology and Obsteterics & Gynaecology.

The Hospital is also accredited by the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine since January 2023 and is a recognized Centre for Training of ICU Doctors in Certificate of Training in Critical Care Medicine (CTCCM) and Indian Diploma in Critical Care Medicine (IDCCM). Additionally, a training program for Nurses, under the Indian Diploma of Critical Care Nursing (IDCCN) is also in place.

Continuing Medical & Nursing Education (CME & CNEs) and other Allied Health Trainings are undertaken routinely to keep the Healthcare professionals up-to-date with Medical Advances in Diagnostic and Treatment modalities.