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Hinduja Hospital

"Love Achieves Limitless Impression Through Actions."

Lalitaji was born to Shrimati Shanti & Sri Bhojraj Menda on November 1, 1932, and was married at the age of 16 to the dynamic Shri Girdhar P. Hinduja, son of the legendary Shrimati Jamuna and Shri Parmanand D. Hinduja. Unfortunately, she was widowed at a young age of 30. Back in 1962 being a widow in India was considered a full stop to Life! Every aspect of life would come to a halt; more so socially. 

It was her father-in-law, Shri P. D. Hinduja, who liberated her away from social bondages. It was then at that time and age that the true Lalita emerged as Lalita Girdhar Hinduja. A personal tragedy was transformed into a flame of service.

Sri P. D. Hinduja believed that

"health & education are every citizen's birth right"

and Lalitaji implemented this at P. D. Hinduja Hospital, with all her dedication for nearly three decades of her life.

She not only dedicated herself to serve the patients but also created an ambience and culture of a family unit at the hospital by being a mother figure to all employees, doctors and other medical staff.

There was not a day when Lalitaji did not go on her rounds to comfort the patients with her graceful smile and loving eyes. Just her presence made a lot of difference. It was with her blessings that the P. D. Hinduja Hospital Parivar was created. She infused a precious value system and helped understand the true meaning of "Selfless Service" and translated our founder Shri. P. D. Hinduja's dream "QUALITY HEALTHCARE FOR ALL" into a reality.

Smt. Lalitaji’s labour of love blooms even today. Her unfailing trust in each one of us has inspired us to follow her exemplary example, to give sincerely of ourselves and to serve with a loving heart. Today the shell has disappeared leaving behind a pearl - The P. D. Hinduja Hospital Parivar to be cherished and rejoiced. That's our Lalitaji, THE MOTHER OF PEARL!
Thanks to our torchbearer, Lalitaji, each one of us has embedded within us the five principles of our founder.

Hinduja Hospital

Mr. Srichand P. Hinduja  
Ex-Chairman Hinduja Group

Affectionately known as 'SP' among his business associates and friends, the late Srichand P. Hinduja was the eldest son of P. D. Hinduja, the Founder of the Hinduja Group. He was the head of the Hinduja Family and Chairman of the Hinduja Group and Charitable Foundations.

Mr. S.P. Hinduja was a visionary leader who steered the P.D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre's development into a world-class institution. His unwavering commitment to provide world class medical care in the country, led to several initiatives, ahead of their time. In the 1980’s he pioneered the model of institutionalising healthcare in India by integrating medical excellence, academics and research, which continue to be the 3 foundational pillars of the hospital to date. He ,along with his brothers entered, into a strategic collaboration with the world-renowned Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, in 1986 to set up the IPD building of the hospital

Mr. S.P. Hinduja in the 1980’s personally engaged with several Indian- origin doctors, who were successfully working overseas, attracting them to join the hospital. He also invested early in the latest world-class technology, positioning the hospital at the forefront of innovation and medical excellence. Mr. S.P. Hinduja instituted a professional management culture in the organisation in the early stages of its inception. Hinduja Hospital was amongst the first to have a professional CEO way back in the year 1986.

His vision and legacy continue to inspire the hospital to constantly set new benchmarks in healthcare.