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Junior Consultant - Pediatrics:

Department:    Medical Services - Pediatrics

Qualifications:    MBBS + MD / DNB Pediatrics with additional qualification

Experience:    3-5 years in Pediatric Intensive Care

Job Responsibilities:
  • Is responsible for overseeing clinical care provided by doctors & nurses in PICU & patient on critical care anywhere in the hospital like isolation ward, step down ICU
  • Is responsible for rostering of junior medical staff to provide adequate coverage at all times along with ICU Coordinator.
  • Is responsible for the initial assessment, investigation, analysis & interpretation of the clinical findings and test results, arriving at diagnosis, treatment, and re-assessment and follow- up of the patients.
  • Is to prescribe, administer medication, therapy, and/or other appropriate care to treat or prevent further complication of the disease
  • Is responsible for regular counseling including explaining procedures and discussing diagnostic results or prescribed treatments with the patients and/or with the authorized attendants.
  • Is responsible for monitoring the patient’s condition and progress and re-evaluate/ re-assessment and treat the patient accordingly
  • Is responsible for referring the patient to other consultants/specialists when necessary, also consult, or provide consulting services to, other physicians whenever requested
  • Is responsible to pay daily rounds to In-Patients and referred patients
  • Is responsible for documenting and completing all medical record of the patients and update on the progress of the patient appropriately
  • Is responsible for always authenticating the medical records at initial entries and progress notes by placing the signature with date and time
  • Is responsible for reviewing and countersigning the entries and notes of all junior medical staff in case of patients under his care
  • Is responsible for performing diagnostic and/or therapeutic procedures as per approved privileges
  • Is responsible for safe transport of patients from the ICU & back to ICU within or outside the hospital
  • Is to ensure that DNAR / Palliative team be involved in life limiting illness or irreversible /refractory disease conditions where no treatment is available
  • Is responsible for approving the discharge summary, follow-up plan, medical report of the patients and death summary/cause of death certificate as applicable
  • Is responsible for assuming duties as the Coordinator of the PICU as and when required by the management
  • Is responsible for ensuring the implementation of all approved policies, procedures, rules, regulations, protocols, guidelines and clinical pathways that guide and support the provision of clinical services
  • Is to contribute to the development of policies and procedures perform clinical audits, maintain unit statistics as part of the continuous quality improvement program of the PICU
  • Is responsible for supervising and coordinating the activities of specialists, residents, nurses, therapists, assistants and other medical staff involved in patient care
  • Is invited to serve on Departmental / Hospital Committees as required
  • Is responsible to be On-Call as per hospital policy & departmental needs. Is available on phone as needed during off working hours
  • Is required to assign responsibility to team to attend the Code Blue, whenever applicable, and should be involved in all other emergency codes of the hospital
  • Is to provide the reports and information as and when required by the Coordinator of the PICU /M.S/MD of the Hospital
  • Is responsible for identifying and bringing all Medico-Legal Cases to the notice of the management on time in accordance with the hospital policy
  • Is responsible for guiding the management in up-gradation of ICU, choice of equipment, consumables, staffing as and when required
  • Is responsible for encouraging conduct of research activities in the department
  • Is to participate in the academic training activities of the hospital at the capacity of a resource personnel

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