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Patient Information Leaflet

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Awareness is the key to manage your health, and prevent complications. Get easy access to information about medical disorders, symptoms, treatments, and simple guidelines from medical experts, all through our Patient Information Leaflets (PILs). These will empower you with relevant knowledge to help you to take more informed decisions.

Advanced Speciality Dental Clinic

Advanced Speciality Dental Clinic


Listen to your body before it reacts.


What stands between you and your heart.


Make space for a healthy heart.


Minimum blood loss surgery. Faster recovery.


Getting beyond the pain.

Asthma Clinic

Time to breathe freely.

Audiometry and Speech Therapy

Listen - Hear - Follow - Speak.

Be Young at Heart

Tips, dos and don'ts, and lifestyle advice to keep your heart in good shape

Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery

The weight is over.

Breast Cancer

Together let’s beat breast cancer.


Erase the signs of ageing.

Cancer & Chemotherapy

You can beat cancer

Cardiac Surgery

A healthy heart is vital...coz'a heart attack can be fatal.

Cardiac Wellness

Cardiac Wellness Program are experiencing dramatic improvements in their health.

Cataract Surgery

Foresight is about seeing the solution.

Cervical Cancer

Every women's checklist.

Cosmetic Surgery

Make a difference to yourself.

Cosmetic Clinic Breast Augmentation

Give your self-confidence,the boost.

Cosmetic Clinic Autologous Fat Transfer

The only line on your face should be your smile.

Cosmetic Clinic Body Contouring

A fitter shape,today.A better life,tomorrow.

Cosmetic Clinic TummyTuck

Look much fitter.Feel a lot younger.

Diabetes Mellitus

A little sweet talk.


Put out your best foot when fighting diabetes


What you can do before you get to the doctor

Foetal Medicine

Protect Your Child, Even Before it is Born.

Face Lift

Grow older Look younger.

Geriatric Assessment Clinic PIL

Who should undergo a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment?

Hand Hygiene

Health and hygiene go hand in hand.

Heart Care

HHS_PIL_Healthy heart_Artwork.


Surgery? Think faster recovery.

Hip Replacement

Move back into action.

HPV Vaccine

A shot to prevent cancer.

Incontinence Clinic

Always looking for the nearest restroom? Look for the nearest cure.

Knee Replacement

A guide to kickstart surgery.

Laboratory Medicine

Every treatment is as specific as the infection.


Lose the fat. Get the shape.


Suspicious lump? Don't worry, get a MAMMOGRAPHY.

Minimal Access Surgery

When less is more.

Metabolic Surgery

Manage diabetes better.

Mummy Makeover

Enhance the joy of motherhood.

Mother & Child

Undivided attention, Unmatched care.

Neurology: Brain Attack

Help your brain stand up to an attack.

Take Away Brochure

The feel of home.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

The world through child's eyes.


Add muscle to your recovery.

Prostate Cancer Clinic

Team-based approach. Patient-based treatment.

Vascular Clinic

Putting life back into arteries and veins


The perfect nose for the perfect pose.


The 'what,why and how' of an x-ray.